s already a law, required by the National Solid Waste


4th: Having a reverse logistics system

Reverse logistics webapex.net is already a law, required by  the National Solid Waste Policy . Through this, companies must comply with measures to enforce the system in waste management and get rid of sanctions.

In most cases reverse logistics has been carried out through sect oral agreemen westernmagazine.org ts. These agreements are signed between the government and manufacturers, importers, distributors or traders.

A company that has efficient waste management verifies that the waste gener ysin.org ated already has a sect oral agreement and aligns its management with it.

5th: Having sustainable good practices

Adopting sustainable practices is a growing trend among companies that want to grow. Fostering these practices is important to your own existence and influences the profitability and longevity of the business.

Over the years, companies are becoming more aware of the importance of preserving the environment and have adopted sustainable practices such as reducing consumption, innovating, efficient waste management and sharing ideas to achieve economic growth without harming the environment. .

6th: Having a waste management software

To improve your control of waste management within organizations, the use of software may be optimal. With them you can fully control all waste management processes, eliminating old Excel spreadsheets, PDF licenses, Word documents. With the software the organization performs complete management on a single platform, fully online.

Companies’ use of digital technology to improve their waste management is a great ally.

The platform provides complete control of Waste Management Authorization, with all information in a single, reliable environment. In addition, it automatically generates documents (MTR, SDSR, Emergency Card, etc.), helps promote clean destinations and improves the efficiency of companies in managing their waste.

7th: Have waste management monitoring

To know if the desired results with the waste management are being achieved it is necessary to do the monitoring. Does your company perform this monitoring?

Monitoring and analyzing management data enables the company to see waste not as a problem, but as a strategic solution for its business.

The analyzed data can be the amount of waste generated in a certain period of time and if after the system implementation there was a reduction in its generation.

If there was an increase in the destination of recyclable waste which contributed to increase the organization’s profits through its sale.

So does your company have all these factors that prove your waste management is efficient? If the answer is no, then it is no longer necessary for the company to follow these factors. Efficient waste management monitors generation to the environmentally correct disposal of waste. In addition, it considers the environmental impacts produced by the waste, its relationship with human health, the means of its generation and the amount produced.

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